Killjoy (2000): Killer Klown goes Krazy

Killjoy is a made for cheap Y2K film which looks like it was a student project but somehow spawned a full line of 4 sequels if you can believe it. I’ve only just begun on Killjoy 2: Can’t Bring Down the Clown (that’s not the subtitle of the movie, I’m just too lazy to look up what it actually is), but, so far, it looks like it has the same budget of the first movie. This is not a compliment.

In Killjoy 2000, a nerd named Michael gets beaten up by the “cool kids” (gang members to black people…I’m black, I can say this, and really, its basically a “cool kids beat up a nerd” scenario) and immediately, Michael tries to summon a clown demon for revenge. The gang kidnaps the poor, stupid nerd, and murders him for being nice to the girlfriend of one of the gangbangers, Jada. Later, it turns out Michael was only nice to Jada because he indeed did want to fuck her, but at the time it seems like the gang overreacts by shooting him in the chest and leaving him for dead.
But of course, he doesn’t stay dead; in fact, the angry spirit of Michael transmogrifies with the clown-doll he put in a sacrificial circle to summon the demon, and creates the lethal “Killjoy”, a demonic clown that transports unfortunate people to a warehouse dimension via his ice cream truck.


No fooling, he really transports people to this alternate dimension that looks like a local crackhead warehouse. At least, I think that’s the idea? When he does it there’s a lot of lights and sounds that suggest Killjoy is transporting them to another dimension, but why does it look like a warehouse?

Killjoy enacts his revenge by killing the gang that killed him and goes after Jada, the woman who spurned his advances. Jada gathers some friends to take Killjoy down by convoluted means, but the movie ends with Killjoy the clown performing fellatio on Jada after he tricks her by pretending to be her boyfriend. They were unable to take the clown down.

Killjoy’s one of those movies with an absolutely nonsensical plot.  The movie has this strange inclusion of biblical figures like angels disguised as homeless men, two fake-out dream scares, and an ending twist you can see coming a mile away. But, to be fair, with a budget of five dollars, I suppose you get what you pay for.


Me: I don’t mind Killjoy’s design it doesn’t look that bad-

Killjoy’s Wig: Are you sure about that

What Killjoy does correctly, which is pretty dope IMO, is that it doesn’t reward the nice guy at the end with the love interest. I really assumed it was going to take the route of “hot lady kisses nerd turned clown Michael and saved his spirit from the havoc of the clown” but no. Michael is an entitled asshole who thinks Jada owes him something for being nice to her, and Jada stabs the hell out of him for being an entitled asshole. So, I’ll give it that one saving grace.

Alright, another one: it was bad, but I like seeing black actors and actresses in horror movies. It’s a genre that we don’t break into often. And, for all of Killjoy’s goofy-ass antics, I think his costume (besides that hideous, GOD-AWFUL wig!! Ugh!) design was pretty neat. You can watch Killjoy 2000 and all of its sequels on Tubi.