about the author

If you’ve somehow found this website, let me apologize in advance. 

This is a blog that I started because I have a lot of thoughts about things and I have nothing else to do with my time except write about those things.

In complete transparency, jogboy.com is simply a website where I throw all of my ridiculous thoughts together in a sort of semi-coherent stew, so don’t expect anything really grandiose cause my critical thinking skills are at a solid three at any given moment but here’s a little background on yours truly

  • I’m a big fan of the genres of horror and science fiction. Like, a really big fan. I’m interested in all things horror/sci-fi, from the way these two genres interact with marginalized identities to the way scary things and scary movies either become products of their time or stay so classically unsettling from twenty years ago. so there’s gonna be some analyses like that on here (uh oh! we’re reaching sixteen percent brain capacity!)


  • I’m also a big fan of reading so I’ll probably put some book reviews on here once in a while. Also expect those books to be about horror or science-fiction, because


  • all of these opinions stated on this blog are my own. if you feel like something I posted is homophobic/racist/sexist/transphobic, by all means, call me out on it. None of us are perfect, and I will gladly own up to my mistakes. If I say something bad about a franchise or movie or book you like and you don’t appreciate it…sorry dude. I’m just a rando from new york so you take those complaints up with the government or god himself and I don’t like conflict


  • who am I, you ask? I am a twenty-something, human-adjacent fool playing dress up in a human flesh outfit. I thrive in darkness and on iced black coffee because every time I go to Starbucks I get overwhelmed by looking at the menu so I always order the same thing, never delving from my comfort zone.